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Sunday, 13th October, 2019

Autumn longings fulfilled by 40%

We happily welcome the new season with open arms, although it has just been a minute since we’ve really felt its presence. Even if we still think about summer and those scorching beach days from…
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The summer of royal shoes

Half of the summer has gone by – holidays are in full force, the sea and its waves have welcomed us back into their arms and the sun is not leaving its place in the…
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It’s a match made in Heaven!

April’s already here and we cannot help but rejoice that we can finally say: SPRING IS HERE. The trees are in full bloom, the days are longer and it seems like even our smiles are…
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Longing for poetry and beauty

As humans, we could never exist without love, and love could never survive without poetry. The one that brings to life all of our feelings and emotions the way nothing else can. The one that,…
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Spring brings Iutta gifts

The beginning of spring is always full of hope, new plans, changes and wishes. The sun is finally making an appearance, we start smiling and the streets seem to get more colourful and filled with…
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When traditional turns couture

Spring is officially here, which also means that Fashion Week season has come to an end. Spring is officially here, which also means that Fashion Week season has come to an end. From New York…
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Forget the prince, get the boots!

Love deserves to be celebrated anytime, anywhere.   Each day, every day of the year. However,  maybe because of the hope for spring and rebirth, the focus on love is always bigger this time of…
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Travelling Polaris: The Myth Behind the Star

Often, the myths held by a people in the depths of the soul are the myths that define it. Why? Because when a nation does not know or fully understand a thing, its imagination penetrates…
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The Iutta Travel Guide

An old Chinese proverb says that wherever you go, you have to go with all your heart. We often travel only with our thoughts and, especially in the beginning of the year, many of us…
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Start The SALE Season With The Story of our Romanian Motifs

Now that the new year has come to rights, we imagine that all agendas have been marked with a set of resolutions or desires for the coming months. Whether we think of professional achievements or…
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