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Saturday, 19th January, 2019

The Iutta Travel Guide

An old Chinese proverb says that wherever you go, you have to go with all your heart. We often travel only with our thoughts and, especially in the beginning of the year, many of us…
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Start The SALE Season With The Story of our Romanian Motifs

Now that the new year has come to rights, we imagine that all agendas have been marked with a set of resolutions or desires for the coming months. Whether we think of professional achievements or…
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How It’s Made: Leather and its History

A few weeks ago we were thinking of the ancient Cucuteni civilization that inspired the NEO collection, when our thoughts went involuntarily from the symbols of this lost civilization – the spiral, the labyrinth, the…
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How to Wear: Winter 2018 Trends

Creamy shades, a mix of volumes, the beautiful Polaris. What do all these have in common? They’re all trends, of course! At the Iutta office, we keep a handful of Vogue magazines (more like a…
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How to Dress Like Royalty: Baroque Inspired Outfits

Royals have always been an inspiration here, at Iutta. Whether we’re writing about Queen Mary of Romania and her love for painstakingly weaved traditional costumes or Queen Elizabeth II and her love for delicate handmade…
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The Mysteries of Ancient Romanian Traditions: The Cucuteni Culture

When asked about the connection between the human spirit and its explorations of the past, the Russian existentialist, Nikolai Berdyaev, answered that traditions are a communion with historical mysteries. It is to be understood that…
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Iutta Recommendations. Events of the week

You already know that we just came back from Milan (it was business AND pleasure) and that we took a break from our regular guides with events in Bucharest. Now we are back and we…
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Charming postcards from the old Romania

Every year, on October 9th, World Post Day is celebrated. No, we do not use random international day as a pretext to celebrate (though it would not be the worst idea). What we want to…
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Iutta at Milano Fashion Week SS19

Even though we have just returned from Milan, we are still in that exquisite state that we always feel in Italy, and especially when it’s Fashion Week. We saw Gigi Hadid in that famous giant…
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Fashion inspiration. Autumn coats trends 2018

We just got back from Milan fashion week (more about it really soon!) and we are full of inspiration and enthusiasm. How lucky we are that fall came  and we can upgrade our wardrobe! Today…
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