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4 outfits to inspire you this winter

December 21, 2017

When I was little, somebody asked me why do I like winter. Ever since, when winter comes, I ask myself the same thing in order to see if something changed. And while some things remain the same, I also added a few on my list: mulled wine, ski trips instead of sledging and… clothes. Here at Iutta, we get super excited when the cold season begins. And that is because we know it’s time to dig in our wardrobe and bring out all of our coats, sweaters and boots.



Because of this passion, we built four winter outfits to inspire you. Aren’t you curious to see how you can wear your boots or gloves like a true fashionista?

1. Our beloved boots


For us, but also for all of our girlfriends, winter boots are indispensable. As soon as autumn comes, we begin wearing them, but only from time to time. However, starting 1st of December, we can not get enough of them. Is it too much if we call them our seasonal bestfriends? They are comfy, warm and look amazing with anything. Having a fashion degree (I guess when you fantasize about owning more than 50 pairs of boots you could call it that) I can say that the leather boots from Iutta are my favourites.





You want to look stunning, but without freezing? What about an outfit that you can wear to your job, to a 5 o’clock tea with your friends, to Christmas Fairs or almost anywhere except a nightclub? We’re gonna go with our gut and presume that your answer was: “Yes, please!”. This is what you need: a casual folk dress in colors that you can easily match, the classic minimalist wool coat, a uni scarf to keep you warm and, of course, the Polaris boots. And, because it’s extremely practical and over the top cute, we chose the Hawk backpack to complete the set.



2. A little bit of black and white never hurt nobody


Ever since the 1900’s, when black and white movies appeared, and up until now, in the decade of black and white Instagram filters, these two noncolors do not seem to lose their popularity. When we talk about gloves, it’s pretty much the same story. They might have lost a bit of that old glamour, but they are still very appreciated.

We wanted to keep the romantic sparkle of the past alive, so this outfit is elegant and, surprise surprise, black and white. The embroidery mixed with the lines from the skirt and blouse really do the trick.


3. How to look cool in no time


It would be such a pretty world if we could dress like that all the time (but we honestly congratulate you, the ones that do it! ). For the rest of the days, the busy days when you need to run around after Christmas gifts, we successfully found the outfit that works. Cozy sweater – checked, waterproof jacket – checked, boyfriend jeans – checked, Iutta leather bag– checked, super comfy boots – checked. I guess the person who invented the notion effortlessly chic had this outfit in mind.

4. It’s partyyy time!


All those New Year’s Eve parties with confetti, champagne, tuxedos and fancy dresses – we want to make it happen for you. Unfortunately, we cannot promise all of it, but we did find the perfect outfit for it. Edith Head said that “You can have anything in life if you dress for it.” Let’s hope what she says it’s true!



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