3 design contests for young artists

August 14, 2018

We are very fond of design, especially the Romanian one, as you already know. And this is also seen from the fact that we are present at almost all the design fairs in Romania and not only, and that we are proud of the Romanian designers we often try to promote. We even organized a graphic design contest some time ago, resulting in the wonderful Polaris round bag.

Along with this, keep in mind that internships at Iutta are always open, so do not hesitate to send us your resume on if you are interested in joining our team.




We are very happy to see that we are not the only ones fascinated by design and art, and that in Bucharest many competitions and exhibitions take place in this direction. Three of them have caught our attention recently, so we decided to write a special article about it. Who knows, maybe you will be one of the participants and we will be able to see your work.




East Academy Awards


“Creatives, whether professionals or not, be they architects, designers, plastic artists, graphic designers, fashion designers, or only brilliant idea owners, do not get holiday this summer. They are invited to protest against visual pollution and clichés.”* The East Academy Awards is a design competition for the advertising production industry and is being held in five directions: materials, equipment, print, signage and retail . Therefore, young people are allowed to express themselves as freely as possible. That is why we are sure that the result will be amazing. Entries take place until August 30, but we hope that limited time will not be an impediment, but rather an extra motivation. We are very curious!



Centenar Creativ


This is an object design contest that aims to come up with a new perspective on how the patrimony is promoted. And we like it! It was launched by the Cotroceni National Museum and is, as the name reveals, a contest dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Great Union. There are five partner museums, the Cotroceni National Museum, the National Peles Museum, the Alba-Iulia Union National Museum, the Moldovan National Museum Complex in Iasi and the Brasov County Historical Museum, which will make available a lot of objects designed to inspire young artists. Just as we are inspired by the Romanian folk motives.




In addition to the fact that this competition deals with the expression of the Romanian longing through design, we really appreciate the diversity of the jury, people specializing in object design, graphic design, museology and cultural management. And this is a guarantee that the outcome will be as good as it is. Entries take place until August 26th, online. 



Romania 100 in comic books


If you were under the impression that comics are just a memory from childhood, this contest will prove the opposite. BD Romania 100 is a history-based gaming salon and this competition was launched by them to give artists “a chance to (re) discover and value recent history, under the sign of the Centenary, in the contemporary European context. “**

Five of the applicants will be selected to attend and exhibit their works in Brasov on 4-7 October 2018. The subjects are extremely diverse, from the visit of the Queen Maria to Paris in 1919 until the first edition of the George Music Festival Enescu in 1957, or the sun eclipse seen in Romania in 1999. Applications are considered until September 3rd. Go, go, go!





Whether you, your friends, your family or your acquaintances will be accepted at any of these contests or not, we are still curious to see your creation and promote you. So do not hesitate to show us your art!



*** The source of the featured image is Lucian Munteanu.


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