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August 3, 2018

Just like you’re used to, Friday is the day of the recommendations. We’re glad August began and we’re eager to see what new events it brings to us. Until then, however, read below where you need to get to the next week.


Treasure Hunt on Armeneasca Street

You already know that, if it were after us, we would spend all the time discovering the forgotten streets of Bucharest. However, we like Iutta too much. Anyway, we were glad when we found out that this weekend a Treasure Hunt takes place on the beautiful Armenian street. The treasures you find there are among the most valuable, that is, informational. This event takes place at the Armenian Street Festival, where we can hardly wait to get there. In addition to the Treasure Hunt, an Escape Room that takes place in the Armenian school also attracted our attention. See you there?




Picnic & Film at the Conac


As soon as we finish seeing Armeneasca Street, we go to the Conac. What are we doing there? Picnic and film, of course. We will enjoy a french movie, we will make a great picnic, eat waffles and enjoy a glass of Prosecco. On Saturday, the mansion opens at 13 o’clock and on Sunday at 12 o’clock.




Organ Concert


It is not the first organ concert in Bucharest, but we are sure it will be as beautiful as the others. This Sunday, in St. Joseph’s Cathedral, you can listen to Eduard Antal playing Maurice Durufle, Alfred Mendelsohn, Helmut Plattner, Eric Satie and Cesar Franck. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.




Private life and social practices in the Golden Age


At Postmodernism Museum you are looking forward to an extremely exciting journey back in time. “The research and exhibition of the representation of eroticism and sexuality in the visual culture of the Communist period of the Golden Age marked by Nicolae Ceausescu’s policies explore the rich visual dialogue between multiple aspects such as: power, pronatalist politics, family, taboos, permissiveness, censorship, illegality, pleasures intimacy and freedom.”




Mircea Vintilă in the garden at the Museum


How does a trip to the National Museum of Romanian Literature sound? But what if it’s accompanied by music? The music of Mircea Vintilă? If it sounds just as good as it sounds to us, we’ll see you at the museum on August 7th at 19:00. “I accepted to come to the garden of the National Museum of Romanian Literature thinking of Poetry, of the joy of meeting with beautiful people,” Mircea Vintilă said. Therefore, we are more than enthusiastic.




SALES are still on


Maybe events come and go, but Iutta discounts of up to 40% continue. We have figured out what Iuttas would fit with the above events. You can find them all on www.iutta.com, at a reduced price, of course.



Hawk is always ready for a walk, so he’s the ideal partner for a treasure hunt. There’s no doubt he will help you find the right clues. You can match it with a pair of comfortable pants, summer espadrilles and a camera to make sure you do not miss anything on Armenian Street.



Eternal Spring waist bag


The secret ingredient of a picnic? Eternal Spring waist bag. Easy to match, comfortable and playful, this accesorry can not be missed from a picnic. Besides, it goes too well with summer gowns to leave it home.



The North Star bag

Elegant and subtle, the North Star bag is just what you need to wear at the organ concert. For maximum effect, we recommend that you match it with a Iutta wallet. What’s your favorite?





At the museum and at the concert we go with Polaris. Why? Because it fits nicely with this event (but also because she likes music a lot).




Iutta leather flats


The Iutta flats match any of the events we talked about above. (see how easy it is to match our Iuttas?) We, however, recommend them for the Golden Age walk. What do you think?




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