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September 7, 2018

It is the first weekend of this beautiful autumn and Bucharest welcomes us with a lot of events. Unfortunately, we cannot attend all of them, this is why we are sharing them with you and hoping you’ll tell us all about it.

Akua Naru & The Fresh Symphonic Orchestra

It is not the first (and hopefully not the last) time when we have the pleasure of going to an Akua Naru concert in Bucharest. However, those who have already been to one are aware that each experience comes with something unique, unprecedented. This time we meet at the Arenele Romane on September 7th, accompanied by The Fresh Symphonic Orchestra. We will be able to hear the songs on her new album titled “The Blackest Joy,” but also the traditional African music combined with hip-hop that we love so much. We’ll see you there, okay?




Tree with good deeds 12


This is an event you can not overlook, especially because it will make your day, and not only yours, infinitely better. The tree with good deeds, the autumn edition, takes place on September 8th, Saturday. From 10 am to 4 pm, you can donate to the Copacul cu Haine on Regina Elisabeta. All donations go to the needy children so that they have a beautiful school start and a pleasant memory.




Bucharest Street Food Carnival


We want to go to Bucharest Street Food Carnival. Why? For the food, of course! If you have a little been too busy in the past week, we’ll get you up to date. Where? At Romexpo. When? It already started on the 6th and lasts until 11. What? A gourmet revolution. (at least so they promise) Besides food, there are lots of concerts with well-known singers (such as Morcheeba and Patrice). However, we are particulary interested in a special event, called the Retro Discotheque at The Carnival, where we can have fun on the rhythms of 3 SOUTH EST, Corina Chiriac, Mirabela Dauer and more. It’s like playing an old hit box!




A walk in Bucharest


Over time, a lot of events took place on Armeneasca Street and the Armenian Neighborhood, events dedicated especially to promoting the traditions and the history of the area. We love them a lot and that is why we strongly recommend them. So on 9 of  September (the last edition of the summer) we are walking through Bucharest! The meeting point for the route is at the crossing of Armenian street with the Semiluna street. The route takes two hours and takes place in the streets: Pasul – Spatar – Franzelarilor – Silvestru – Armenian – Maria Rosetti – Luca Stroici – Viitorul – Acacia – Popa Petre. Do a lot of pictures!







We don’t usually go to Baneasa Royal Station, but this weekend you will surely find us there. We are very excited about Asaf Avidan, but also about the Fanfara from Valea Mare and Fanfara Tirana. We will definitely have fun at the festival and at the Youniverse after-party. Did you get your ticket?




George Enescu competition

We do not mean to say that we left the best at the end, but we left something very very good at the end. From September 1st to September 23rd, the George Enescu Competition takes place at the Romanian Athenaeum and at the Conservatory, during which you can go there on a daily basis to recitals supported by competitors held by those enrolled in the competition. We would like to get there on the 8th at the recital held by Vlad Zlatomit Fung (the winner of the cello section of 2016) and Iulian Ochescu. Soon the piano section starts, so we’re sure to make time to go to the Athenaeum.




*Source feature photo Cătălina Filip


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