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Legends of Romanian music

September 18, 2018

Year after year, every time we feel the autumn, with its rainy days and brownish leaves, we feel the need to hide under a blanket, with a cup of tea (and maybe with something sweet also) and listen to music. Of course, not every kind of music, but our favorite, classical and jazz Romanian music.


That’s how we came up with the idea of writing about some of the legends of Romanian music. If you really want to feel their authenticity, we recommend listening on vinyl.


George Enescu (1881-1955)



Certainly we can all agree that George Enescu is among the greatest Romanian artists. One of the decisive musical experiences for him was when, at the age of three, he accidentally heard for the first time a taraf singing near his native village. The next day he tried to imitate the instruments of the taraf. As we all know, the interest in music has stayed with him for the rest of his life.

If you like his music as much as we like it, you have to go to the George Enescu Contest at the Athenaeum. You have time to catch some great recitals until September 23rd. We have already been and, believe us, is a special experience!




Maria Tănase (1913-1962)



In 1938, Nicolae Iorga named Maria Tănase “Bird in Space” (yes, just like our collection). Her story began in a poor Bucharest neighborhood, Cărămitari, but talent led her to the great scenes of New York and Paris. With a life story that does not fit into an article entry, this artist is an inspiration for us. If we were to choose one song to represent the Romanian love, surely it would be from Maria Tanase’s repertoire.

And as a small spoiler, Maria Tanase had a volcanic love with our favorite sculptor, Constantin Brâncuşi. Of course we will write about this soon, in Brâncuşi’s great love series.



Johnny Răducanu (1931-2011)



Johnny Răducanu is the most symbolic personality in the Romanian jazz world. That’s why he was named “Romanian Mr. Jazz.” by the American critic Leonard Feather. Almost all bars of Bucharest recognized his rhythms, although he played many genres, from the classic Mingus to his own pieces influenced by the Romanian folklore. So it’s no wonder we like to listen to it!

He remained in the memory of everyone as a national symbol. The coincidence is that it was born on December 1st. Pretty, right?



Sursă: Mediafax



Radu Lupu (n. 1945)



Radu Lupu is one of the voices that excites us to tears and that makes us proud to be Romanian. The pianist always remarked himself in detail and through his sonority, of unprecedented purity. There are very few interviews or recordings with him. He trusts only in the power of music … Really a proof of the fact that beauty and truth have always been superior.


After listening, in a Madrid recital, Radu Lupu’s interpretation of Moment Musicaux by Schubert, pianist Kirill Gerstein said: “Because of the moments of silence in the breaks and the spaces between the downward notes of the piano, it was as if the ears would have tasted the air “. And that’s right!



Of course, those mentioned above are just a slice of the Romanian musical talents. That’s why we promise to come back with other artists we’re in love with soon!


P.S: We wrote this article while listening to Valse Nostalgique by Johnny Raducanu and this Radu Lupu’s live from Bologna, 2017 . It was a pleasure! 




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