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Charming postcards from the old Romania

October 10, 2018

Every year, on October 9th, World Post Day is celebrated. No, we do not use random international day as a pretext to celebrate (though it would not be the worst idea). What we want to do, however, is a journey in the past, one that you will surely like.


Postcards from Romania


One of our passions are the antique fairs. We like to read the old card messages, discover small lost things that surely have a sentimental value and just lose track of time. And almost every time, if not every time, we stumbled upon old collections of postcards. Postcards from Romania, some from World War I, others from the 20s, 50s, 70s, from abroad, mountain, sea, summer, winter, etc. Can you imagine how fascinating it was to look through everything?


I recently found an online archive with a lot of postcards from Romania, we got really excited and we spent a few hours looking at them. We happen to know that in October the World Day of Post is celebrated and so we decided to share with you our favorite postcards.


Once upon a time…


First of all, it is worth mentioning that we did a little research on postcards and learned some interesting things. The first illustrated postcard, published and circulated on the current territory of our country, was a view from Sibiu, printed at the end of December 1885 by Josef Drotleff. The picture on that was a photograph taken in 1860 by a Sibiu photographer named Theodor Glatz. Shortly after, it multiplied into 4,000 copies.


Later, in 1905, illustrating trade grew so much in Bucharest that many traders were considerably enriched. Besides, I found out that the success of postcards was actually due to the fact that they were the best methods of advertising at the time. We choose, however, to appreciate more the sentimental side.

The collection of Romanian postal cards


Now that we’ve brought you a little bit of history, it’s time to show you the postcards that fascinated us so much. We can not deny, those with messages are the most beautiful!


Cernavodă, Podul Regele Carol I


Bĕrlad Aleea Principală and Pavilionul grădinei publice.


Constanța, Piața Independenței


Portul din Galați.


Craiova, Parcul Bibescu


Constanța, Mamaia


Târgu Jiu




Fanfara Liceului Comercial D. C. Angelescu


Giurgiu, Piața Carol




Raspberry saleswomen


Berlad, “Bistriţianu” Farmacy




Craiova, Park Bibescu









 Băile Călimăneşti




Băile Herculane



Uou can find the entire postcards archive here. Do not hesitate to tell us what your favorites are!



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