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How to Dress Like Royalty: Baroque Inspired Outfits

November 21, 2018

Royals have always been an inspiration here, at Iutta. Whether we’re writing about Queen Mary of Romania and her love for painstakingly weaved traditional costumes or Queen Elizabeth II and her love for delicate handmade bags, we’re always looking to royal history for inspiration and we allow ourselves to relive the dreams of our childhood, the ones where we all wanted to be princesses. We must be honest, however, and tell you that the sole reason for this was not some particular affinity for state administration but a love for the elegant outfits and sumptuous accessories. Who doesn’t remember Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries when she sees her new dressing for the first time?

This being said, few art currents have had as much influence on royal style as much as baroque. Majestic, complex and intimidating, baroque came to Europe in the XVII and XVIII centuries, with a strong revival in XIX century Russia and Romania. Forms of baroque art are Michelangelo’s final sculptures, San Pietro’s basilica at the Vatican or the royal chapel at the Versailles palace, all having in common the maximalist style of the era, the exaggerate proportions, the creation of optical illusions through contrasting light and darkness, alongside an affinity for vibrant colors and royal symbolism.

interior St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican

The Queen Mary bag, as its name foretells, was inspired by the monarchy and the values of the Royal House of Romania. The contrasting embroidery mixing carnation red with pure white set in jet black leather reminds us of the chiaroscuro technique often seen in baroque paintings. The symbolism itself refers back to a sum of restyled floral motifs, reminiscent of Queen Mary of Romania’s love for flowers, which she often wrote about and drew herself. And because we love to inspire our Iutta wearers, we’d like to propose a few outfits, all inspired by baroque and one of our favorite bags.

An all-black outfit will always be a good choice, but our proposal stands out through the mix of textures and the contrast between the bold red and the jet black background, reminiscent of baroque art. The fine lace will shield the mysterious nature of the Iutta wearer while leaving a little to the imagination, and the severe cut of the trousers will balance the femininity of the top and the stiletto pumps. The Queen Mary bag will bring this outfit to life and reference the floral motifs of the lacework. Easy to wear in a professional environment by adding a blazer, this outfit works day-to-night and is a perfect pairing for our beloved royal bag.

Since it’s winter anyway and we have to be pragmatic from time to time, we’ve concluded that nothing is more practical than a feminine coat with a statement print, simple ankle boots and our Queen Mary clutch. Based on strong motifs repeated throughout, similar to baroque architecture, this outfit lives its maximalism to the full and it’s best suited to a strong woman who knows what she wants from life. The royal embroidery remixes flower motifs and reminds us of Queen Mary’s love for French art.

How would you, Iutta wearers, style the Queen Mary bag?




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