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How to Wear: Winter 2018 Trends

November 28, 2018

Creamy shades, a mix of volumes, the beautiful Polaris. What do all these have in common? They’re all trends, of course! At the Iutta office, we keep a handful of Vogue magazines (more like a pile if we have to be honest) and we go through them quite a bit when we’re looking for industry news, innovative ideas, inspiration or sometimes just to look at the pretty pictures of famous photographers. However, it’s pretty much tradition nowadays to show a few trends in the first winter month, especially before the holidays and all the surprises they bring. So we’ve embarked on a research mission of the couture world in order to bring you this season’s best trends, how to adapt them to your day to day wardrobe, and everything with a little Iutta twist.

The Leather Dress


Natural leather has a special thing about it, it never goes out of style and keeps its personality as time goes by, wearing in rather than off, through its natural changes in colur and texture. It is the reason why all Iutta items are made out of high-quality natural leather since otherwise it wouldn’t be able to support the heavy and complex embroidery. It’s the same underlying principle of this trend for leather dresses. Stella McCartney, Loewe, and Givenchy all propose various lengths and colors for their dresses, but they all have this luxurious fabric in mind. It might seem a bit intimidating in the beginning and since we don’t want to bring back any memories of high school days spent listening to too much heavy metal, we recommend that you don’t stray from a feminine cut like the shirt-dress Hermes showed or a subtle belt to mark your waist. One of our lovely Instagram followers recommended a leather dress to go with the Silver Spoon bag so that’s what we’re proposing for this trend.

Autumnal Shades


Based on the ’70 megatrend (think flared trousers, scarves, and, of course, waist bags), outfits that play with a mix of autumnal shades will always remind us of the season that just ended, but work just as fine for winter, bringing a little bit of warmth into our chromatic palette. Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton chose heavy fabrics like fur and crochet, while Chloe keeps close to the essence of the brand through  delicate dresses, and yet all of them revolve around reddish shades of brown, cream, and burgundy. Since we don’t want to create a boring outfit, we need a splash of color, and orange is the perfect shade. The Magpie bag , for example, is embroidered with a Bird of Paradise motif and  is majestic enough to attract every look, foregoing the possibility of looking drab in a simple brown outfit.

Mixing Volumes

Designers like Balenciaga and Maison Martin Margiela are well-known for their volume play, characteristic of the avant-garde style they represent. Vetements is already a classic when it comes to unexpected combinations but this season we’re able to see other big houses mixing oversized coats with blazers or even jackets, triple layers where a sweatshirt is added for that extra bit of flavor (no, we don’t know how we feel about this either). It’s not an easy trend to wear but sometimes we have to be pragmatic and, since the weather isn’t getting any warmer, the idea of wearing two or five layers doesn’t sound so unwelcome anymore. Our recommendation is to keep the shade palette simple but contrasting in order to highlight the mix of volumes, without using any prints since that would make it overbearing. The play can be done thorough alternating between various lengths when it comes to coats and blazers, while a strict bag like our beloved Robin – definitely in black – will make a statement, offering your outfit some much needed texture with its Bird in Space embroidery.

All in all, these are just a few trends in an industry that changes its mind every day. We strongly believe that we build our own visual identity through the unique items that we choose to wear not just by following glossy magazines. So we’re very curious: what are you wearing this season?




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