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Start The SALE Season With The Story of our Romanian Motifs

January 8, 2019

Now that the new year has come to rights, we imagine that all agendas have been marked with a set of resolutions or desires for the coming months. Whether we think of professional achievements or exotic holiday destinations, we all want the year to bring us more joy. At Iutta, we suggest a slightly more unusual resolution, in which we depart a little from the material sphere and look up to the infinite.

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What do you think about the idea of ​​being more daring in the times to come? Or maybe more elegant in subtle sort of silence? Moreover, what do you say about letting yourself be guided on this new road by a talisman? We know that symbols have a special power, especially when they are worn daily, and this power is related to the inspiration of qualities even when they only start as desires. Because we want to give you a hand in choosing your perfect talisman for this year, today we have brought you a small “dictionary”. And not only so, but all these embroidered longings which have the power to bring you closer to your wishes, can be found in the SALE section.

The Imperial Lily

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A bag with a fully justified name that fascinates at first glance. The name is inspired by Lilium Superbum – a lily of impressive size, with delicate petals that are born like a spiral tightly wrapped around the pollen, but which gradually rotate outward to discover the sweet center of the flower. This embroidery inspires elegance shrouded in a mystery that is slowly being discovered, perfect for a woman who is not easily convinced by the passing, ephemeral things. The lily itself is a symbol of royalty, found on the royal coat of arms of Romania, one of the stories behind the Royal Longing collection, where this motive is ever present.

The North Star

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Symbol of absolute knowledge and guiding light, the North Star is the celestial object that inspired the embroidered design which defines the entire Polaris collection. Recalling the belts carried by our mothers and grandmothers in Romanian folk costumes, the leather belt captures the elaborate embroidery that borrows a glimpse of the brilliance, beauty and magic of the North Star, this heavenly body of guidance. Protective cosmic motives are perfect for someone who feels like she needs a guide to overcome the obstacles that stand in her way, as seafarers from the ages of old were looking forward to the night in order to see the light of the North Star.

The Infinite Spiral

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From the desire to celebrate some of the fundamental symbols underlying the spirituality of the Cucuteni culture, we traced the contours of the spiral encountered on the totems of the Mother Goddess – the main deity of this ancient culture. Over them we overlaid circles and semi-circles, a creative representation of finite and infinite, suggesting the idea of ​​multiplicity and unity, and reflecting our desire to achieve perfection. As a metaphor of the evolution of the human being through repetitive sequences, this embroidery has sacred connotations and mystical valences, suitable for a woman who knows her spiritual side and wants to even reach the sky when she sets herself a goal.

The Forget-Me-Not Flower

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As a symbol of spring, Pastel Magic is a celebration of warmth, grace and feminine elegance. A delightful floral pattern captures the uncomplicated beauty of the Forget-Me-Not flower and represents the the simple joy that comes from the smallest things. Simple and sophisticated at the same time, this unparalleled model succeeds in bringing old glamour to the surface, encouraging us to believe in magic, and to find inspiration, power and comfort in Mother Nature’s perfection. Not only that, but it also encourages us to overcome the winter blues that seem endless and to welcome the spring with open hearts.

Bird in Space

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Inspired by the graceful flight of the enchanted birds in our country folklore, as well as their gallant plumage and their immense power of seduction, we created the Bird in Space embroidery. Perhaps the most feminine embroidery, the Bird in Space impresses with its energy and vitality, like the beauties of our childhood stories. When you feel like you need some energy and joy in life, nothing is more exalting than letting yourself be carried away on the wings of this goddess of flight. The boots are a subtle way of wearing the embroidery , but for the boldest, there is always the Magpie bag, with its colors that remind you of sunny summers, or the Puffin backpack, so faithful on any trip.

Ram’s Horns

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The ram’s horns are probably the most easily associated symbol when it comes to Iutta, thanks to Bounty tote, one of our wearers’ favourites. This is a symbol of strength, vital energy and success, which alongside the rhombus that surround it, brings abundance and luck, a real talisman. The embroidery of the ram’s horns has always been destined for a strong and fearless woman who is ready to face whatever comes her way.

And you, dear Iutta wearer, which talisman do you wish for?



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