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January 15, 2019

An old Chinese proverb says that wherever you go, you have to go with all your heart. We often travel only with our thoughts and, especially in the beginning of the year, many of us promise that they will travel more often and will see more. We hope that this resolution will not just be a simple promise made now and forgotten in the next moment. Because we want to encourage you to discover as many new places as possible, foreign sights, exotic perfumes and mysterious songs, today we’re talking about the best travel accessories. A little secret known to those who fly often is that the most beautiful holidays are taken now, during the months you least expect. Plane tickets and hotel rooms are all deserted by tourists who are waiting for the scorching heat of summer or have just returned from Christmas markets. So what are you waiting for? Start packing!

P.S. All the bags can be found in the SALE section and will easily fit the hand luggage dimensions of most major airlines.

The Orange Puffin

Find the Puffin backpack in the SALE section! 

Perhaps it’s the most obvious choice, but a classic accessory is classic for a good reason. Puffin is the best friend of travelers everywhere. Whether the vibrant orange is your favorite – ideal for upgrading even the most boring airport outfit – or the elegant and easy to match cream one, this backpack is roomy, divided into two sections, has a zippered inner pocket, and adjustable straps to be as comfortable as possible when wearing. The fine leather is embroidered with a model that carries the Romanian DNA, already characteristic to Iutta: the Bird in Space. Inspired by the infinite flight of the Bird Goddess, this embroidery is a true talisman for the adventure lover, designed to inspire them to seek out the most exotic destinations.

The Laptop Bag

Find the ETA bag in the SALE section! 

Iutta wearers are often women with a well-developed sense of practicality, passionate about their work and with a strong business style. Any working woman needs a laptop bag that is both clever and stylish, practical, but glamorous – just like her wearer. An expert bag when it comes to multi-tasking, ETA is part of the NEO collection, inspired by the ancient Cucuteni civilization. It is the embodiment of these attributes. Whether you want to wear it lightly on your shoulder or elegantly on your arm, you can always enjoy the unique and subtle embroidery that gives you a reason to stand out and a dash of glamour to your outfits.

The Messenger Bag

Find the Flower Fairy bag in the SALE section! 

Because we dream of the summer and the sun, we fall in love every day of the winter with the Forget-Me-Not collection. The romantic aspects that inspired the creation of the Flower Fair bag does not betray the pragmatic reason we recommend it to any traveler. In our hurry to pack as many things into a bag, we often forget that the road to the airport is a complicated one, which often involves many stops to check out various necessities. It’s not easy to stop every time to rummage through a suitcase after a stray passport or a boarding pass. The easiest way is to have a pretty bag to hold your phone, your papers and a few cards (a cardholder is ideal!) and you can see everything you have with one look. Wear it messenger style or cross-body to free up your hands. Evoking grace and elegance, the Flower Fairy bag is the talisman of any confident and proud woman who believes in her own story and identity.

The Waist Bag

Another accessory that many of us don’t think when preparing for travel is one of the most practical one, namely: the waist bag. You really don’t appreciate the advantage of having both hands free and everything near you until you have to run through an airport alongside an overloaded trolley and after a flight that you may o may not make it to in time. In addition, the Polaris collection was created with the eight-pointed star in mind, guiding all seafarers from ancient times who were eagerly waiting for the evening to see their savior in the sky. This key piece is key piece for any traveler, as it symbolizes glory, infinity, fate, and greatness.

The Beauty Bag

Last but not least, we must remember the beauty bag. How many times did it not happen to you that you forgot the plastic bag and remembered that you had a small perfume in your bag, a cream in the trolley, and some makeup products scattered through both just when all the people sitting in the security queue starting giving you funny looks? The Dove beauty bag, made from the finest leather and embroidered with care, is roomy enough for your holiday essentials, but compact enough that it fits into most bags. Do we even mention that it wears the same embroidery that matches the bags in our Bird in Space collection?

You, Iutta carriers, what are you taking on trips?



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