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Travelling Polaris: The Myth Behind the Star

January 19, 2019

Often, the myths held by a people in the depths of the soul are the myths that define it. Why? Because when a nation does not know or fully understand a thing, its imagination penetrates where the simple reason cannot reach. Thus, phenomena perfectly normal for us today, in the past, mingled seamlessly with stories told in front of stoves arising from strands of inspiration that mingled like breaths in the cold. At Iutta, we are always inspired by these legends because they have been important enough to e kept by their people and transmitted from generation to generation, like a DNA spiral that preserves the history of all mankind in an ancestral code.

We could say that we were guided by and towards the North Star when we created the Polaris collection. The star symbol itself fascinated us at first, the idea of gathering around a luminous point that drives away the darkness. That is because when we talk about Iutta, we always want it to have an astral dimension t0 inspire its wearer. Finally, we reached the eight point star, perhaps familiar to those who used to how old maps marked the northern most point.

In a legend of the Native American people, it is told that this star that never changes its position, was actually Na-Gah, the son of a mountain god who loved to climb the highest peaks. So one day he found a mountain he had never seen before, and, enthusiastically, he set off on his way. He just could not find a path or a point to start because the mountain crumbled as soon as his hands touched it. Eventually, he found a tunnel that seemed to go underground, but full of bitterness and the desire to see this peak, he decided to follow the deep.

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After a long time in the dark, Na-Gah noticed that the tunnel was beginning to climb and finally he saw a growing light. When he came to its end, he saw himself standing on the highest mountain he had ever seen. Fascinated by the fact that he could not see anybody, he did not realize that behind him, the tunnel broke down, leaving him stranded at the top. When Na-Gah realized he could never return to the realm of people, he cried so loudly that the god heard it. Shinoh was his name and he understood that his son had reached such a level that his return to the earth would have been impossible. Because he loved him too much and could not abandon him, Shinoh turned Na-Gah into a star that would always shine from the same point to guide the lost.

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Each nation has another interpretation of the Polar Star’s genesis, but a common point is that it comes from love and is meant to guide others out of the darkness. Ancient wise men were convinced that the stars of the Ursa Major, from Vega to the Polar Star, filtered out the energy of the universe springing from the cosmos. If Vega was associated with darkness, cold and the passive pole of the constellation, the Polar Star represented the active pole, bathed in the light, assimilated to the sun-giving energy of life. The bag that bears its name is one meant to illuminate the life of the wearer and guide her to her goals. Versatile, easy-to-fit and versatile, this accessory will bring it closer to old-fashioned traditions in modern fashion.

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The ancient maps were drawn using the Polar Star as the axis of the earth leads to it. From the desire to create a talisman accessory that connects reality with the spiritual dimension and brings balance in the life of its wearer, we embroidered this bag with the astral symbol of the eight-pointed star and called it Axis Mundi or the axis of the world. It delights the eye of the wearer thanks to her classic, elegant figure and the cosmic symbol that gives her new colors and meanings. Practical and easy to wear, this model is available in the key colors of a basic wardrobe and is the detail that turns any item into a statement of good taste and sophistication.

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The Latin name of the star inspired this unusual but charming bag: Polaris. Its extremely feminine shape follows the trends of the season, its ideal dimensions and its astral symbol for protection and guidance represent the details of an original, timeless accessory. The Polaris round bag lends itself to the magic and sparkle of the eight-pointed star, adding refined accents with folk influences to any outfit.

What is your talisman, dear Iutta carrier?



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