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Forget the prince, get the boots!

February 25, 2019

Love deserves to be celebrated anytime, anywhere.


Each day, every day of the year. However,  maybe because of the hope for spring and rebirth, the focus on love is always bigger this time of the year. Because, after all, February is the month of love, giving us the opportunity to celebrate it and the beauty it brings into our lives.



Apart from the butterflies we get in our stomachs, the occasional shy smiles and blushing cheeks, love goes deeper than that. Be it the love for another person – friend, family, soulmate – or the love you have for your career, your passions and your favourite places in the world, here, at Iutta, we believe that any kind of love needs to be celebrated. Especially the love for traditions, symbols and beautiful art. And even the love of fashion, bags and shoes!



With love being in the air and all that, how could we remain unmoved and emotionless? Both in our newly-opened showroom and the studio where all the magic happens, this Valentine’s Day feeling sneaked in and does not want to leave our side anymore! Therefore, we want to offer you, our Iutta lovers, a gift that will hopefully show the love we have for you!



We all know accessories can make or break an outfit and we can often find it difficult to match them all or simply to make them go well together. We’ve decided to help you out a little bit and since in February everything comes in twos, once you choose the perfect bag or backpack for you, all you have to do is then decide between black, grey or brown. Why?


Well, because these are the three colours our beautifully embroidered ankle boots come in!

And yes, we’re offering them to you as a gift, 2-in-1 with the bag of your dreams!


To make your lives (or actually, your mornings) a lot easier, we want to show you a few ways we would mix & match our Iutta gems and what kind of outfits would make them stand out and vice-versa. As much as we’d want to do this for each and every product on our website, we chose three that we think cover all types of occasions, styles and hearts.


1.Axis Mundi


A very chic, practical bag, it can be worn both on and off the shoulder and no matter which one of the four neutral colours it comes in you choose, it will complement most of your outfits! We do imagine it next to some blue denim high-waisted jeans with a cream shirt tucked in, paired up with a black or checked coat (maybe even a leather jacket if spring does decide to make an appearance). But how could we forget about the shoes? We suggest you go for the same colour if you choose a brown bag, as for the black, grey or khaki Axis Mundi, you should choose between the black and grey boots!





A bag that definitely brings a touch of elegance to any daytime outfit, but that can equally be worn for a walk under the moonlight, comes in two colours – cream and black. When we close our eyes, we can see it next to either an animal print or floral midi dress, with an easy-to-wear jacket. The boots are going to give it a relaxed, yet chic look, which makes the outfit a lot more playful and spontaneous(although you might’ve spent quite some time in preparing it..) You can choose any of the colours, yet we feel like the black bag would go best with either black or grey boots, while the cream bag will be a perfect match for the brown ones!





From travelling and riding bikes, to using it for carrying your work laptop around, Puffin is extremely versatile and is the best choice for living hands-free! That’s why it would literally go with anything you need it to, no matter if you choose the classical black or cream or if you go for the bold orange. Do you want to hear some other really good news? Any of the ankle boots, no matter what colour, with go perfectly with any outfit Puffin is in! Looks like they were made for each other, since we’re talking love language this month!



We hope you’re as enthusiastic about this match-made-in-heaven offer as we are and want to see many pictures of you wearing them and mixing and matching in your own style! Forget about the prince, find your perfect pair of boots on!


PS: Pssst, hurry up, the offer is not going to last for much longer!




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