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Longing for poetry and beauty

March 21, 2019

As humans, we could never exist without love, and love could never survive without poetry. The one that brings to life all of our feelings and emotions the way nothing else can. The one that, invariably, will pierce through even the darkest of hearts and the coldest of souls.

Although we are surrounded by poetry all the time – even if we might not know it – we very rarely stop to admire it, to read some of its verses or to simply recognize its presence in our lives. Therefore, as today is International Poetry Day, let’s take a few moments and dedicate them to the poets, the lyrics and metaphors that have moulded and impacted our wat of feeling, thinking and creating.

Voices of bells thrill the whole sky high above;
Struck is my heart, trembling and burning with love.

(Eve on The Hill)

We could not even mention poetry without wanting to talk about our soul poet – and probably, many other Romanians’ – Mihai Eminescu. Apart from his creative genius that transcended all time and space, one of the most beautiful motifs found in his poetry, also a central theme, is that of longing and missing. Be it the the longing for your place of birth, your native country, the person you love or an existential longing for beauty, youth and eternity, that is what his words translate into.

It might not only be the feeling itself, but also the way we express it into one single word – dor– , that is very specific to the Romanian people, and why it stands at the core of Iutta. We even use it to talk about all of our beauties, from the embroidered bags and backpacks, to the shoes and small leather accessories.

Longing to Belong, one of our first collections, is mostly centered around this feeling and the way it makes us perceive what surrounds us. We believe that longing for or missing something is the greatest testimony to the love we have, for this emotion could never exist without love and the other way around.

Bucovina Bag

Based on this and inspired by the beauty and traditions each historical Romanian region possesses, nine beautiful tote bags were created. Each one of them is dedicated to a part of the country and connects with its wearer on a deeper level, through the symbols and embroideries it carries. Whichever one you feel emotionally attached to, you can find the stories of the Oltenia, Crișana, Muntenia, Basarabia, Bucovina, Moldova, Maramureș, Dobrogea or Transylvania bags on

Moldova Bag

But the influence that Romantic Romanian poetry has had on our collections does not stop here. Although this next collection’s embroidered symbols encompass ancestral spring and abundance traditions, its name, Forget Me Not, cannot go unnoticed. The same way its beautiful Iutta jewels cannot go unappreciated.

Undying love, this feminine messenger bag, takes its wearers on a poetic trip around traditions and into the power of seduction its embroidered flowers holds. The bag itself is a metaphor for eternity and for the power of love, that goes beyond the notion of time.

Undying Love

Forget Me Not, the eponymous leather bag of the collection, is a colourfully embroidered ode to memories and feelings that could never be forgotten or obliterated by the hands of time. Apart from its practicality, as it is a perfect everyday tote bag, it stands as a reminder of true Romanian authenticity and its beautiful nature.

Forget Me Not

Taking the concept of longing even further, the newest Iutta collection, Royal Longing, comes from a deep desire of getting to know our past and to give shape to the long-gone Romanian royalty. Fleur de Lys, a bag whose embroidery instantly brings to mind the shape of a crrwn, seems to have verses carved in its fine leathe. The black and golden lily flowers have their roots in the Romanian Royal Crest.

Fleur de Lys

These are just a few living proofs that show how poetry, its beauty and the feelings it brings can influence us. We’re really curious now to find out what role poetry plays in your lives. What special lyrics stuck to your mind – there has to be at least a few for each one of us – and what poets and authors do you feel you could attribute parts of your souls, of your work, memories or creations?

We know, it’s not a light question to answer, so we’re going to leave you with some of the most emblematic verses belonging to Eminescu..

“So, just alike, when feelings faded,
Prey to the grinding wheels of time,
The spectre of our weathered love
Is doomed to haunt us for a while. “

(To the Star)


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