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When traditional turns couture

March 15, 2019

Spring is officially here, which also means that Fashion Week season has come to an end.

Spring is officially here, which also means that Fashion Week season has come to an end. From New York to London, from London to Milan and finally to Paris, designers from all over the world have presented their new ideas and creations for AW19. (we know, we’ve literally just gotten rid of winter and here we are, talking about the next one)

Lights, camera, action!

Androgynous and feminine shapes, colourful prints and monochromatic outfits, all kind of fabrics, you could find them all there. However, as per usual, there have been a few trends that stood out, that have either made their debut for the first time now or that have been present for some time and will just continue to dominate the fashion world.


Out of these omnipresent trends, the one that caught our attention the most was the folk/bohemian look, deeply-rooted in traditions and heritage, which have now been reinterpreted in new ways. And we all know that when old meets new, some of the most fascinating creations emerge. To show you what we’re talking about and to save you from the ‘trouble’ of having to go through all of the fashion shows (not that it’s an unpleasant thing to be doing), we thought we’d make a selection of the looks that have captured our souls and we hope will yours too.

1. Colourful embroidery

A few designers, whose very eclectic and playful DNA is being translated into colourful, vibrant clothes, have incorporated traditional elements into their collections in a not-so-traditional way.

We simply love the different multicoloured embroideries, the floral prints, as well as the overall look of Anna Sui’s extravagant show. The tassel-decorated vest resembles the ones that were being worn in Romania in the 20th century, part of the traditional costume.


In their show, Dolce & Gabanna took us back to a long-forgotten era of royalty and kings, whose opulent, beautiful clothes leave us speechless. The original colour contrast emphasizes the attention to detail, as well as the majestic craftsmanship behind this piece of art.


2. The ‘It’ waistcoat

Jackets and waistcoats have been reinterpreted by a few designers and have represented focal points of their collections. Etro, a brand whose bohemian style and individuality revolves around floral motifs and bold prints, has taken an interest in traditional folkloric elements as well.

Although they have chosen to keep the embroideries quite classical, sticking to red, white and black, these became quite quirky when transformed into dresses and jackets. Along with the traditional wide belts around the waist and decorative tassels, modern elements such as velvet cuffs or chain detailing have been used.


Longchamp, on the other hand, has used this folk influence to personalise and bring back to life boho-chic and rock outfits, typical of the 70s fashion.

Leather elements mixed with flowy tops, knitted and fur-trimmed waistcoats mixed with embroidered mini and maxi dresses were the starts of the show. What most outfits had in common was the overall silhouette, used to flatter an hourglass feminine shape, with hightlighted waists and short form fitting-jackets.


3. Folk eveningwear

Oscar de la Renta presented some gorgeous evening wear pieces, innovating the ways traditional clothing can be reinterpreted. However, the resemblance between the skirt (as seen in the picture below) and the Romanian costume is striking, especially the way it is being worn on top of the white dress.


Although the fashion industry is, among others, one of the most innovative industries in the world, its inspiration lies with elements of history, nature and art.

Credit: Felicia Simion Photography

And what can be more beautiful than knowing your own culture has given birth to some of the most time-enduring symbols and stories, as well as most exquisite craftsmanship? Even more so, knowing that even here, at home, there are artisans and brands that are taking traditions and customs forward and continue sharing our tales to the world. We’re so happy and grateful to be amongst them and we hope that you too, beauty lovers, will continue on this beautiful journey with us.

We cannot wait for you to share with us which designer or particular outfit has impressed you the most, and if they reminded you of any of our Iutta beauties.

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