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It’s a match made in Heaven!

April 5, 2019

April’s already here and we cannot help but rejoice that we can finally say: SPRING IS HERE. The trees are in full bloom, the days are longer and it seems like even our smiles are wider. And how else could it even be, when spring is the one season that makes everything seem possible, that makes hope blossom like the same way flowers do.

Especially when we realize we’re just one step away from Easter time, one step away from offering and receiving gifts. Although mostly pleasant (especially when talking about the getting gifts part), it can quickly turn into an emergency situation – either because we cannot find the right gifts or we do, but they’re way over our budget. That’s exactly why, either because you are planning to buy some amazing presents or simply becayse you want to treat yourself, we have prepared a surprise that will definitely come to your rescue.

As each bag, be it small or big, is even more beautiful when joined by its match..

… we’re offering you an embroidered leather wallet as a gift, with every bag or backpack you order.

We tossed and turned, thought about what would make your springs even better, and came up with this match made in Heaven! Regardless of the colour or embroidery, you can mix & match them as you’d like, as they are meant to be paired up in surprising and different ways. The coded symbols covering each wallet can create wonderful stories with each bag on its own, giving them new meanings.

“Beautiful and vibrant colour contrast, very expressive symbols and carefulully hand-crafted- exceeded all expectations”

Iutta lover on the Red Embroidered Wallet

However, we cannot deny that it is completely up to your (or the person you’re trying to surprise) preferences if and to what extent you want the wallet and bag tp match. Thus, we have a little visual ‘guide’ to help you with this decision, which is more difficult than it first seems – isn’t it?

1. The Twins

We’re going to start with the classic option, which means that both the bag and the wallet are identical – same colour, same embroidery. This pair is the epitome of elegance and sophistication and we’re 100% sure it will not go unnoticed.

The symbols sown on the Transylvania and Bucovina bags are the perfect choice if you want to go for the twinning Iutta beauties. The only downside to it would be that it could get quite tiring to have to move your IDs, cards and all that around, with every bag you change. However, we’re in awe of those ladies that are ambitious and perseverent enough to make this kind of effort!

2. Same Family

A second choice that you might want to go for is that of pairing up Iutta beauties belonging to the same collection, but that are slightly different. You could choose between the Forget-Me-Not floral motifs or the royal symbols of the Imperial wallet to get the most interesting combination of accessories. Look how amazing our yellow Imperial bag looks like next to its black counterpart wallet!

Nevertheless, if you’re the type that prefers more subtle tones or smaller pops of colour, don’t get disheartened! The final option is up next and it might be the right one for you or for the person you want to buy that present for.

3. Distant Relatives

And that’s how we’re getting to the last category, where there are no rules – different colour or embroideries – as long as wearing the Iutta pair (even if they’re distant relatives) can bring a smile upon your face. Visually, we are sure that any two Iutta beauties next to each other or worn together will make you feel proud and will definitely make a few heads turn. The Ram’s Horns embroidered wallets , for instance, are the perfect choice – they’re classy with a touch – especially the red one, that will definitely make any outfit stand out.

Thus, the key to mastering the art of mixing up accessories is the following> choose the bag you love, then the wallet you’ve always wanted, et voilà! You have your match made in Heaven!

Of course, our wallets can be worn by themselves as well, either during the day, when you don’t need a bag, or in the evenings reaplacing the clutch. Now that we’ve shown you how many options you have, all you have to do is visit our website and get inspired by our beauties – they cannot wait to be either worn or offered as gifts!

This being said, which Iutta wallet would you love to receive as a gift?

If our little ‘how-to’ guide made you think and you will now try to play the detective with your loved ones to find out what they prefer, don’t forget Easter is just around the corner! And as with all amazing things, crafting our Iuttea beauties takes time – so please allow yourselves plenty of it when placing an order!



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