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Tuesday, 22nd January, 2019

Fashion inspiration. Autumn coats trends 2018

We just got back from Milan fashion week (more about it really soon!) and we are full of inspiration and enthusiasm. How lucky we are that fall came  and we can upgrade our wardrobe! Today…
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Legends of Romanian music

Year after year, every time we feel the autumn, with its rainy days and brownish leaves, we feel the need to hide under a blanket, with a cup of tea (and maybe with something sweet…
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The wonderful ethnographic collection of the traditional costume of Banat

The story of today is part of the series of Romanian longing stories we love so much. The story of today is about embroidery, past and passion.   The beginnings   It all started 20…
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The great lovers of Brâncuşi: Peggy Guggenheim

Today we venture into a new beautiful love story of our favorite sculptor, Constantin Brâncuşi. This time we talk about “an art addict,” as she calls herself.   Who is Peggy Guggenheim?   Marguerite “Peggy”…
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Iutta recommendations. Events of the week

It is the first weekend of this beautiful autumn and Bucharest welcomes us with a lot of events. Unfortunately, we cannot attend all of them, this is why we are sharing them with you and…
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What are the colors of this autumn?

Like every year, the sadness that the summer is over lasts about a day until we realize we’re going to enjoy the autumn. And now we’re really excited! Of course, it’s time to change our…
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An authentic Romanian place. The Village of Crafts from Comana

Every day we celebrate the Romanian, either through embroideries, stories or customs that have long been forgotten. And that is why we get really excited when we see other people who appreciate and promote the…
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70% discounts at the End of Summer SALE Party

Concerts, bags, trips, sunshine, shoes, embroidery, parties, stories – we had them all this summer and we will remember them forever. But just because the summer is over does not mean that fun stops! At…
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3 design contests for young artists

We are very fond of design, especially the Romanian one, as you already know. And this is also seen from the fact that we are present at almost all the design fairs in Romania and…
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Authentic Romanian villages to visit this summer

Romanian hospitality is one of the things that make us proud of Romania. And it is best seen in the countryside, where people are simple, benevolent, and enjoy the small and really important things. We…
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