Privacy Policy


Last updated in: May 2018


IUTTA is the trading name of Sixthouse S.R.L. with its registered office in Piatra Neamt, Str. Alexandru Lapusneanu, Nr. 46, Bl. C4, Sc. B, Et. 3, Ap. 33, Neamt County, registered with the Romanian Trade Registry under no. J27/1312/2021 and tax code CUI 45103219.

This policy aims to inform you about IUTTA’s personal data processing activity and it applies to all our procedures, including those set in place on our web page

IUTTA is permanently looking into maximising the Customers’ positive shopping experience so we put all our efforts into offering quality products as well as post-sale information and guidance through: newsletters, event invitations, campaigns and special offers – for our products and activity and also those of our partners (collectively referred to as a ‘Newsletter’).


We collect and process only the personal data necessary to offer you a high standard shopping experience when you interact with our products and services and our web page. As an example, the personal data we might process includes:

1. Identification data: name, surname, username;

2. Contact data: delivery address, telephone number, email address;

3. Data shared when creating an user account on our web page when registering, updating the information or opting out of our newsletter, but also when registering and attending events we organise or endorse;

4. Data received or sourced when visiting our studio or the events we/our partners organise: could include video recordings of the activity undertaken or when accessing the locations;

5. Bank account and other financial information for the contractual relationship, if need be;

6. Technical data, including the IP address: information about your access on our webpage, in the apps we develop or in our Newsletters or communication materials we send to your user account via phone or e-mail;

7. Any other data you might share.

In the event you wish to be part of the IUTTA team and work with us, we will process the data necessary for your hiring process, including identification data (full name, sex, date of birth), contact data (telephone number, postal address and e-mail address), as well as any other data you share through the application form or CV or supply physically at our office or via e-mail.


IUTTA collects physically and electronically only the data you supply voluntarily and the information made publicly available, as follows:

a. When purchasing our products or services or during the conversations which take place prior to this;
b. Through our web page when signing up as an user/client;
c. When signing up to our Newsletter;
d. When you contact us via e-mail, if you express the interest in our goods or services or would like to be employed or contracted by our company or collaborate with us;
e. When we meet at an event and we might exchange business cards;
f. When accessing other information made available when registering.

We would like to remind you that you have the complete freedom to supply us with your data. However, if this isn’t provided, we aren’t able to undertake any contractual relations.


Whenever processing personal data, IUTTA will inform you of the reason why. For example:

1.When purchasing products: we process all the personal data provided, as well as any other data required to sell our products, while complying to IUTTA’s Terms and conditions and the existing laws which refer to processing personal data and purchasing goods, as well as other activities and actions which come with finalising and performing the contract.

2. Communications and Newsletters: If you already are a client/customer or you’ve contacted us for a professional matter, we process your personal data purely to send you specific information, Newsletters which are of interest to you and invitations to attend our and our partners’ events.

If you wish to subscribe to our Newsletter, from the moment you signed up (through our web page or a direct means of contact), we will ask your approval to process the personal data to supply you with the services you registered for.

3. Organising events to promote and train, or with a scientific or professional purpose: these can include video recordings of the activities undertaken or of the access on the premises.

4. Employment: If we have any openings for employment or internships and a person expresses its interest to be part of the IUTTA team, we collect the necessary information for the employment process, to assess if the candidate is suitable for that role.

Processing personal data in the employment process is done ahead of the contractual stage according to the law with a view of performing a contract with you.

We are continuously working on improving our employment process and this is the reason why, based on your legitime interest, we will keep track of all the people who took part in the evaluation process and the reason why their application was rejected.

When we announce job openings, you can apply for a place in IUTTA’s team by submitting your application: by e-mail, by handing it over in a printed format in our office or through our online section.

When applying for a job through our web page, we will need and request the following personal data: name and identification data, correspondence address and the e-mail address, telephone number and CV. This personal data is necessary and will be used in the employment process to:

a. Undertake the steps of the employment process;

b. Establish if the professional profile is suitable for the IUTTA team;

c. Contact you regarding your application;

d. Contact you in the near future regarding other opportunities or jobs which might be of interest;

e. Keep track of your previous employment session and the reason why your application has been rejected.

Processing your personal data for the reasons mentioned above is based on the following:

1. Securing a contract for purchasing goods or/and services, for which we process the following personal data: your personal identification data (as a client, an individual, a representative or another client’s employee, a legal entity), contact details and your position.

2. Fulfilling the obligations listed by the legal provisions which fall under our remit (i.e. about prevention and fighting against money laundering and the need to know the target audience), as long as the conditions can be accomplished – the data processed on this basis includes contact details, social security number, the passport of shareholders or associates;

3. Consent to send newsletters or invitations to IUTTA events for processing your identification and contact details.


We remind you that as a person concerned you have the following rights regarding processing your personal data:

a.    Accesing your personal data which IUTTA processes.

b.    Managing to amend the incorrect personal data by contacting IUTTA and/or updating them through the user/client account.

c.    Restricting the processing of your personal data when:

a. You appeal the accuracy of your personal data which we process;

b. Processing your personal data is illegal;

c. We don’t require your personal data for the purpose we want to process it, but you claim to keep them to establish, exercise or protect a right in court,

d. You’re against processing your personal data while we assess our legitimate interest to process your personal data.

d. The portability of your data, requesting that IUTTA would send, either to you or to another data operator, a copy of your personal data offered to IUTTA to process;

e.    Obtaining the removal of your personal data if any of the following reasons apply:

a. The data is no longer required to accomplish the purposes for which it was collected or processed;

b. You withdraw your agreement on the basis on which the processing of the data takes place and there are no other legal basis or legitimate reasons to process it;

c. The personal data have been illegally processed;

d. The personal data must be deleted to respect IUTTA’s legal obligation.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding your rights and how your personal data is processed or wish to ask us anything or exert your rights regarding processing your personal data, please speak to us at our office or get in touch via the contact methods listed at the end of this document.

We would like to assure you that all questions and requests will be analysed and the answers and actions will be fed back as soon as possible, no later than a month from when you logged the query. If we require more information on your behalf or we’re having issues solving your request, we will advise you about it with no delay.

If you’ll consider that we didn’t solve all your queries and are not satisfied by our answers, you can file a complaint with ANSPDCP or contact the competent legal authorities.


If you opted in to receive our Newsletter, we will store your personal data for the next two years since your last interaction with the information sent over so we can still provide you with the service. After the two years, we will request again your agreement so you can receive the Newsletter if you wish.

In any situation or instance, if you decide to not receive our Newsletter anymore and opt out of it, we won’t be processing your personal data for this purpose.

The personal data we source for employment purposes and utilise for a more effective process and to keep track of the previous recruitment sessions are stored for the next 10 years since when you applied for a job with IUTTA. As a general rule, we will delete your personal data when it won’t be necessary anymore for the purpose it was collected or when you decide to opt out (in the situation when processing your personal data relied on your initial agreement).

There are exceptions to this rule when processing your personal data is required by law or if we’re entitled to continue processing your data. In addition, your personal data will be stored by us for a longer period of time then listed above only when its immediate removal would imply overloading our back-up and disaster recovery systems.


IUTTA does not disclose and transfer your personal data to third parties. The only exception to this rule is when it is imperative or mandatory by law to divulge or transfer it. In this case, we will inform you as soon as possible provided the law doesn’t prohibit or impede us to do it.

If we are to disclose or transfer your personal data to third parties, we will do this while adhering to the legal provisions and by adopting measures to protect them and secure it and its integrity.

Processing your personal data might also imply working with authorised people (for example service operators or providers of: IT services, database and contacts management, accounting, event organising services). IUTTA will sign legal contracts with all these authorised parties to provide a framework for processing personal data and ensure that they adhere to their legal obligations regarding processing personal data and offer a high level of data protection and security and comply with the current legislation.


All personal data processed by IUTTA is protected against threats through electrical and physical security measures and a suitable IT structure, but also through internal staff management and access procedures which ensure the discovery, notification and documentation of all security breaches regarding personal data.

In the unlikely situation of a security breach regarding your personal data, if we uncover such a violation to your rights and liberties, we will notify ANSPDCP (The National Supervisory Authority For Personal Data Processing) and will inform you about the situation.


We advise you to access regularly this section because if we will update the current Communication, we will publish an updated version on this web page to replace the existing one.

If you didn’t find an answer to your queries in this document or have any other queries about your personal data and how it’s being processed, please contact us through any of the options below:

– e-mail address:

– phone number: +40721874886

– mailing address: 46/c4/33 Al. Lapușneanu Street, Piatra-Neamț County, Romania