About us


Iutta embodies distinctive codes through fine embroidery, telling an everlasting story with each new collection. Not just a story of belonging but also a story of evolution. We shine light on our heritage and we are mindful about our present while creating for the future.

Our creations are a manifesto for refined artistry inspired by our roots and the boldness of our times. They come to life in a local atelier in the heart of Bucharest, which preserves the savoir-faire and wisdom of our craftsmen as they’ve been for centuries.

We believe true quality is timeless and responsible, so we design items that become legacy, intended as a memory to cherish, not a trend to join.


The creative mind behind Iutta is Nicoleta Chirica, founder and designer of the brand, whose inspiration comes from an ancestral heritage, translated through design into a universal concept.

“As I grew up surrounded by my father’s sculptures and inspired by his passion for art, I started looking for my own labor of love. My devotion is to create items with soul and purpose, carrying out the same level of mastery he instilled in me. Only by rediscovering our roots can we understand our true calling and origins.”


The high levels of artistry reflects the passion and commitment for each stage of the design process. Custom made, with an eye for details and finishings, all our items are elevated through our signature embroidery.

Our talented craftsmen are local couturiers, with years of experience in creating objets d’art using centuries-old practices. Always refining, always innovating, led by the pursuit of excellence.


An apartment-style showroom experience available in Bucharest, Romania.

Enjoy our concierge-style customer service, an intimate retail experience where you can get the genuine feel of our designed items and purchase gifts for your loved ones.

Moreover, we invite you to discover the collection of contemporary and ancient artworks, unique pieces part of the Curated by Iutta project.

Appointment only. Please contact us at +4 0721 874 886.

The Story of Our Logo

Sometimes things speak for themselves if you let them. This is also the story of our new logo.

Its revelation was like dropping a ball of thread on the floor which unravels more and more as you chase it around like a playful cat. And even when you get tired, the playfulness of the game keeps you going.

But it makes you stop for a second and realize that the fun part isn’t catching the ball, it’s playing the game. So, we gave ourselves space and we let the lines and contours of the logo shift into a new shape with perfectly balanced angles.

The new Iutta icon is anchored in our roots while being open towards all unwritten stories. It represents a new space where the past, present and future play in harmony.

Rooted From Within

Celebrating 10 years of Iutta by going back to our roots.

Our origins are the birthplace of our future, the source of our inspiration and the essence of our being.

Anchoring ourselves deeply into our roots, we honor the space we come from and connect with it to express ourselves genuinely.

We deconstruct identities through the playfulness of our being and give space to acknowledge the present, to reconcile with the past and to repurpose the future.

Concentrating on innovation and creating circularity, we bring in evergreen ideas which spring into being when the body and mind work in harmony.