Pinatex is a vegan leather made from sustainably harvested pineapple leaves to preserve the organic beauty of nature. This versatile and durable material is the result of an innovative approach on agricultural waste and comes to our atelier as a qualitative & environmentally friendly alternative for our products.

We believe that timeless products are made in a responsible manner and by using natural materials we are able to pass on to the future generations the high levels of artistry and craftsmanship without compromising sustainability.

Pinatex leather is made from pineapple leaves that remain on the farms after the fruits are harvested. Considered a byproduct of the industry, these leaves are repurposed and used for their fiber. This process has a reduced environmental impact as it requires low water usage and adds no harmful chemicals to the process.

The pineapple leaves used to create Pinatex require no extra resources to grow and leave behind a low amount of waste after production which can also be used as a natural fertilizer, creating a closed loop production.

The resulting material is a strong but lightweight fabric that is breathable and easily moldable, making it a natural choice for our products. By using Pinatex we are able to provide sustainable alternatives for our products while preserving their quality, look and feel.


Luxurious look & feel.


Allows movement & flexibility. 


Lightweight & breathable fabric.



Water & heat resistant.