“Curated by Iutta” is a digital gallery of timeless, unique objet d’arts with strong cultural significance. Our curatorial focus is devoted to the artisanship and design legacies carried on by our craftsman, revealing the savoir-faire of Romanian artworks.

We collaborate with those who preserve tradition, the code keepers and local contemporary artists who share our vision and focus on creating timeless pieces and who are deeply connected to our culture.

Our curated section highlights both new and reawakened masterpieces.


A selected inventory of artworks and unique design pieces, a curated list of long-lasting objects designed by local artisans. These items are part of our heritage and depict the mastery and craftsmanship of skilled creators, as they’ve been for centuries.

The Craftsman

A collection of objet d’arts with a strong aesthetic sensibility brought into the contemporary by modern creators through time-honored techniques. Inspired by our roots and created to defy time, this selection is a manifesto for refined Romanian artistry.