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Worshiped by the Geto-Dacian tribes as the God of mankind, Zalmoxis is one of the most prominent deities in our mythology – a solar, paternal figure associated with the concept of immortality. Inspired by the supreme power of this almighty deity, we have created the cream leather card holder bearing his name. Featuring two compartments, this statement piece can accommodate up to eight cards and is embroidered with reinterpreted motifs inspired by our perpetual longing for absolute love. Carry the versatile Zalmoxis card holder in your favorite IUTTA bag, and let it help you protect and organize your daily essentials with ease.

With a modern shape, this item features multiple compartments, designed to fit various cards or personal documents.


Exterior cream leather and an inside lining fabric.


Embroidered with symbols on one side.

Product care:

Everyday, we work closely with our craftsman to develop techniques that will ensure the durability of our products. In order to keep your product looking at its best, we recommend storing it in a box, protected from prolonged sunlight exposure, liquids and chemical cleaners. Clean with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

Because leather is a material that is affected by the passage of time, it will age naturally, so you might observe imperfections that occur over time due to usage. Since our products are made individually in an atelier, there is a possibility that two products will not be identical; there might also be a slight difference in color when compared to the photographs.

Size: 11,5 x 7,5 cm.


Our products are individually made and handcrafted which in turn causes the production time to take up to 10 working days, depending on stock availability.

In addition, the delivery takes between 5 to 7 working days, depending on the specified location.

On holidays and sales, the delivery time can be extended.


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Products can be returned within a maximum of 14 days of receipt.

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I bought this to fit in a small purse for our trip to New York. It worked beautifully. I think that I may even keep it for my normal purse. It is so much lighter than my normal wallet. It help cash and coins and my licence and three credit cards. I can't even feel it, so lightweight and pretty
5 /5
I just LOVE this little pocket wallet!! I use it daily. I have my driver's license and 2 credit cards that I keep in it. No bulky wallet to carry and I can grab it out of my purse, put it in my back pocket, run into the store and get whatever is needed and get back out quickly. It's just right
5 /5
Such a cute, tiny accessory! As small as it is, it does a great job at helping me stay organized. Very well designed, well compartmentalized. I adore its colors and its embroidery-this is what separates it from other similar products available on the market. Top quality, I highly recommend it.
5 /5
I really love the look people give me when I get out the card holder of my bag. If you know what I mean <3.
5 /5